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Welcome to Grounded Within! Experiences in life can create all kinds of internal feelings and beliefs that seem distressful and impossible to overcome. We will be your assistant and guide as you develop skills to break through that stuck feeling. We will provide you with a perspective that will help you see what you are experiencing internally so you can overcome the behaviors and problems you experience externally. You will be able to find peace and satisfaction in your life and relationships. Just as our logo suggests, you will experience internal growth that will extend to your relationships. If you are seeking help and found us in your search, then please do not delay. We are committed to help you feel connected to yourself and those you love! We will help you and your family feel grounded within!

Who we are!

Who we are

Ryan Christiansen, LCSW has extensive experience treating various forms of trauma and addiction. He has worked with court ordered clients for domestic violence and substance abuse, residential clients for addiction, behavioral and mental health. He presently works with adolescents, adults and couples. He is a Certified EMDR Treatment Therapist through the International EMDR Association, a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) through the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP), and a trained Parts and Memory therapist. He has received extensive training through the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute in Massachusetts. He is the owner and Clinical Director of ABC Counseling Services, Grounded Within and Academic and Behavioral Counseling services n St. George, Utah.

Jamie Christiansen , MED, AMHCis licensed School Counselor and has extensive experience working with children and teens for the past 10 years. She is an expert in assisting parents, families, and staff to work together for the emotional and behavioral needs of their students so they can be successful in the home and school. She provides community suicide prevention training for Southwest Behavioral Health and works as a therapist for LDS Family Services and ABC Counseling Services in St. George, Utah.Jamie Christiansen received her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a minor in Nutrition. Her Master’s degree is in School Counseling from the University of Utah with an endorsement as a Mental Health Counselor. She has extensive experience working as a School Counselor and understand the important balance between mental and behavioral health and academic success. She has served the Washington County Community as a QPR trainer to help educate the community about Suicide and how to talk about it and address it in order to prevent it. She is extremely successful in working with children, youth as well as adults in developing skills, tools and strategies for breaking out of addictive and problematic behaviors and also for developing a life plan for education and career guidance. Learn more about Jamie and her services at

Ryan and Jamie Christiansen have have six children and own and operate ABC Counseling Services, Grounded Within and Academic and Behavioral Counseling services in St. George, Utah where they provide mental health services for children, teens and adults. They also write for the SUN Magazine distributed in Washington County and Mesquite, NV. They have presented locally and internationally and provide Mental Health Work through the Reach Out and Learn Foundation.

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