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Trauma Treatment in St.George, Utah

EMDR Treatment

EMDR is an acronym for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a treatment method developed by Francine Shapiro in the late 1980’s. The approach has been widely and extensively researched, validated and fine tuned to address all kinds of mood disorders, addictions and trauma. The process of EMDR begins with an assessment like other forms of mental health treatment in order to determine the problems, symptoms and history of those problems and symptoms. Preparation and development of emotional tolerance and awareness are a key component of the technique and is a requirement before beginning the processing phase. The processing phase may utilize hand-eye movements, the use of tactile or hand-held vibration tools or audio tools to generate bilateral stimulation between the cognitive part of the brain and the emotional part of the brain. The connection between these two parts of the brain allow for unblocked learning to take place and the body can work through distressful beliefs, experiences, images and memories ultimately allowing a person to feel neutral and at peace about things that used to be unbearable. Ryan Christiansen is a Certified EMDR provider and has assisted many to experience peace of mind and body around various challenging life experiences.

Parts Work Therapy

Parts Work or Ego State Therapy or Internal Family Systems Therapy all have the same purpose – to permanently heal emotional wounds. We have all had moments and experiences where we felt torn between two or more beliefs, emotions, desires, behaviors, etc. The movie “Inside Out” by Disney is an excellent representation of the internal dialogue that can occur between these parts within all of us. These parts are often formed from early childhood experiences as a subconscious way to protect ourselves from danger or the uncomfortable. These parts tend to hold onto pain and unhealthy core beliefs and tend to manifest themselves in addictions, unhealthy behaviors, beliefs and relationships. Parts work is a treatment modality to bring awareness to the different parts that reside within us as we learn to neutralize the pain and eliminate the unhealthy beliefs. Sometimes the internal battles we face seem like all out war and we feel as if we are going crazy. In order to heal and find balance and peace, we must learn to love and accept all parts of ourselves, recognize the inherent good in ourselves and each other, let go of emotional burdens and trust in our core self. Parts work is process of deep internal exploration and acceptance which leads to powerful healing and is evidenced by a person reporting the experiences of calm, clear, compassionate, confident, connected, courageous, creative and curious.

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